husband + wife design studio - we help creative entrepreneurs become more comfortable in sharing their stories.

We live, sleep, and breathe design but there are other components to the beautiful world of design. Like business and how to maintain a steady backend so that you aren't going bonkers trying to keep it all together. The world of entrepreneurship can be a tough one, we're here to help you. 

Pick Our Brain (Let's Talk Entrepreneurship) 

- Annual Projections
- Annual Income Goal
- Smart Investments
- How To Set Pricing
- Transition Full Time
- Maintaining Full Time
- Goals For Budgeting
- Staffing + Meetings
- Contract Negotiations
- Service Negotiations

One on One consulting for business owners that are just starting out, or revamping a brand. 

Receive a PDF Document on steps to move forward in business.

4 Pick Our Brain Sessions are offered every month.


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